VoluntEARS Deliver Environmental Education Supplies in The Bahamas

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 MARSH HARBOUR, Bahamas, September 22, 2011 – With a goal of inspiring new generations to care about the planet, Captain Mickey Mouse made surprise visits to schools across the Abaco islands, joining Disney VoluntEARS in delivering an educational activity booklet focused on environmental conservation.

Titled “Cruisin’ the Big Blue: Discovering the Sea Life of The Bahamas,” the book was developed by animal education experts at Disney along with Friends of the Environment, a local organization focused on environmental conservation, and utilizes colorful illustrations and interactive puzzles and games to provide fun ways to engage children in learning more about their local environment.  Through the development process, Disney also partnered with the Bahamas Ministry of Education to align activities and topics with current classroom science curriculum for more than 1,600 students in schools across the region.

“At Disney Cruise Line, we strive to inspire others to take an active part in conserving their natural environment,” said Mark Witko, Community & Industry Relations Manager.  “This book allows children in The Bahamas to get involved by learning more about ways they can make a difference for the planet, starting in their own backyard.”

With activities highlighting coral reefs, pine forests and native sea life, the book is just one component of a multi-year project sponsored by Disney that combines scientific research and community outreach and education in The Bahamas.  As part of the project, researchers and educators from Disney’s Animal Programs have partnered with Friends of the Environment and crew members working at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, to engage the broader community and local leaders on the importance of conservation.

“Working with Disney on this project has allowed us to expand our environmental efforts to primary schools across Abaco,” said Kristin Williams, Executive Director of Friends of the Environment.  “Inspiring and engaging children is what Disney does best, and this book provides entertaining, educational activities that can make a difference for future generations.”

Projects like this are just one part of Disney’s ongoing commitment to make an impact in communities around the world.  To learn more about community and environmental programs at Disney Cruise Line, we invite you to review our Disney Cruise Line Community Report.